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Trucks Are Sheep – Seagull

Seagull is from Melbourne, on the artist-run label Two Bright Lakes, which you may have noticed I have rather a liking for. The band centres on the songwriting, guitar and vocals of Chris Bolton. The rest of the band includes Ed Bolton on bass, Kishore Ryan (of Kid Sam) on drums and Michael Zulicki on percussion and melodica. I’ve liked them for a while and had heard this track a few times, but listening to it this morning for some reason I was absolutely transfixed. So much so that I was late for the first part of my day.

The Kramer – Wale

Seinfeld and hip-hop. Two things which might not seem to go together, but both of which I love. Add a heavy dose of refreshing intellegence and insight and you’ve got ‘The Kramer’. It’s one of the better tracks from Wale’s The Mixtape About Nothing. The name is a reference to Seinfeld, ‘the show about nothing’, and the whole mixtape is based around Seinfeld, with lots of samples from the show etc. This particular track is inspired by the famous racist outburst of Michael Richards, who plays Kramer. I have a feeling that in a little while this Washington D.C. rapper will be very well known indeed. I’ve been a fan sinceĀ  a friend introduced me to his stuff about a year and a half ago, and since then I’ve noticed a couple of top 40 artists use him as their ‘Ft.’ rapper. Surely a sign of (well-deserved) bigger things to come.

When You Say That I Don’t Care About You – Tara Simmons

The delightfully light-hearted music carries a subtly troubled set of lyrics as together they weave their way into your soul. Tara Simmons is from Brisbane and manages to mix instruments such as the cello in this track with electronic and electronically manipulated sounds without it sounding self-conscious or contrived. The first impression of sugary pop gradually slides into something more aching with a near epic sense of rising power even as the texture of dots and details continues.

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